Forecast-based Financing Financial Mechanism

Funding for early action should be:

  • agreed in advance and quick to release;
  • held as close to the operational level as appropriate: decentralised to the district or community; or delegated to the implementing partner;
  • linked to specific triggers, or where these cannot yet be agreed in advance, mobilised by swift and light processes on the basis of available evidence and shared analysis;
  • supplementary to core programme funding;
  • linked to specific activities, which themselves are contextualised rather than standardised;
  • tied to people and organisations that are already on the ground with demonstrated capacity, contextual understanding, and actual programmes on which to build;
  • transparent and accountable about what resources can be brought to the table in a pre-crisis phase in support of activities within the government plans, and about what surge capacities are there once the government has triggered a response, based on the mutually supported EW system and mutually agreed triggers;
  • linked to government budgets, at local and national level.

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